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Software Tester | People Development Trainer

Genevieve is your trusted partner on the journey to elevated leadership. With a robust background in the Software Testing Discipline spanning almost two decades, she founded FHC Consulting in 2017 to bring her unique blend of Testing and People Development expertise to the forefront. Genevieve’s extensive experience includes serving on leadership teams at multiple companies, where she masterfully delivered Training, Coaching, and Mentoring services to both budding talents and seasoned professionals.

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Helping teams build an actionable plan to attain team and company goals.

Expertise and Guidance

I work closely with you and your team to understand and identify your team goals that can be converted into an actionable plan.

Objective Assessment

The ideas and plans that we’ve jotted down will then be brought to life. I help and guide the team to take the first step and get the ball rolling.

Strategies and Solutions

Incorporating these aspects, a consultant can play a pivotal role in helping a team not only set clear goals but also successfully navigate the path to achieving them.

Genevieve Stafford Jack

My side hustle that taught me to push beyond myself

Getting started in Property Investing requires knowledge. Since December 2016, I sought the knowledge together with my husband, Taurai Jack, applied what we learned, and took Property Investing to the next level in our lives. The lessons we learned on this journey led us to share on platforms like YouTube. We both actively Mentor and Coach in Property Investing.


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